LifeTango: Goal Sharing & Tracking Tool

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LifeTango is a goal sharing and tacking website where people can set their goals, share them with others and monitor progress. You may set others’ goals as yours if it inspires you. Also share your goals with family and friends for encouragement and support. Search the tango community and find others who either have already or are trying to do the same things you’re trying to do and share advice, encourage each other, and more.

Set periodic goals and tasks such as daily, weekly or just assign a due date to get email alerts about your progress. You can also check out the most recent or most popular goals.

goal sharing

Features :

  • Tool for setting goals and sharing goals with others.
  • Keep a track on your progress.
  • Find people pursuing same goals.
  • Get email alerts about your progress.
  • Similar sites: 43Things, GetGoaling and stickK.

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J C Garner

This is what I get when I try to access Life Tango.

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Error Type: E_WARNING

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