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Do you think you are living life too lazily? If yes, then you need to be motivated into living more actively. Here to help with exactly that is a web service called LifeKraze.


LifeKraze is a website that promotes active living. The site is an online community made up of people who enjoy their lives. People make friends with others on the network and share their updates with everybody else. You get encouragement and motivation from your friends online and they show their support by awarding your activities virtual reward points.

In addition to motivating you, these reward points can be used to take advantage of deals with companies that LifeKraze has partnered with.

Apart from all these features, the site also displays the top members in its daily, weekly, and monthly rankings.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Encourages you to live more actively.
  • Lets you make friends online and earn virtual reward points.
  • Partners up with companies that offer you deals in exchange for your reward points.

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