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It is a website with an aim to help users easily catalog their book collection, discover similar books and meet people with similar book tastes. In other words, it’s a world’s largest book club and a web hangout for book maniacs. Webiste boasts over 16 mil. of cataloged books, over 20 mil. tags and over 200K+ book reviews. (You can check numbers these here)


  • Catalog, Organize and Share your books with others
  • Get recommendations for what to-read(OR not-to-read) next
  • Discover people with similar book tastes
  • Embed your book list to your blog or profile (ex; Myspace)
  • Browse popular books: by most reviewed, by highest rated, by top/lowest authors, by language, by tags, by top taggers, by recently added, by library
  • Add favorite users to your watchlist
  • For each book view list of similarly tagged books
  • RSS feeds for books tagged by specific tag
  • Limitations: enter only up-to 200 books for free, as many as you like for $10 (year) or $25 (life).
  • and more… Take tour

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