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I was planning to review a bunch of services today, that I have scheduled a while ago. But on sunday after getting back from partying I somehow managed to overwrite file with review schedule (funny thing I do not even remember opening it). Anyways, things actually turned out to be even better once I stumbled into one of my notes with LibraryThing scrambled on it. So, it’s all below

Librarything is a truly problem solver type service. It is a website with a mission to help people easily catalog books, discover similar books and meet people with similar book tastes. It seems like many people find service useful, as after being online only for a little more then a year website already has almost 7 mil. books cataloged, 9 mil. tags and 80.000 reviews and more here.

To start tagging and cataloging you need to register by simply choosing username and password. To add book you search for and select it right from results, you may also enter the ISBN number for the book. Bulk add option available as well. With such amount of data at hands, LibraryThing offers several good features based books and tags you add.

Things you can do;

  • catalog and arrange your books books
  • tag books(ex; comedy, harry potter,poker strategy,tolstoy). Tagging is an ideal way to categorize data once you get used to them, more on tagging in delicious review.
  • get recommendations for what to read next
  • discover people with similar book tastes
  • add your books to your blog or profile(ex;myspace)
  • export/import your data
  • add users to your watchlist
  • see users with same books as yours
  • RSS feeds for monitoring any user’s recently added books and book reviewes (on how to use RSS feeds, check out our article on feedreaders)
  • RSS for books tagged by specific tag (as soon as someone tags a book with ‘web 2.0’, I know about it)
  • view similarly tagged books
  • add users to your watch list
  • view most popular books you do not have
  • access your catalog from anywhere (incl. your mobile phone)
  • view your account statistics
  • view tag clouds

Want to add non english books? Good, librarything have books in many languages including german, spanish, french,portuguese and other. Website also has forums, interest specific groups and Zeitgeist section with interesting statistics. I have created makeuseof profile to play around, you can check it out here.

Another service, which is similar but goes beyond books by letting you do same things for all physical media is listal. has reviewed this service here

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Hope I got it all, if something missing drop it in the comments.

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