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Today there are many websites offering advanced client management services. These sites are beneficial to businesses and minimizes the human error involved in contacting and handling the clients of a business. TheLetterGenie is one such website that helps businesses manage a lot of contacts.

personal letter templates

Whenever assistants need to type up a letter, they open up an existing template and make modifications to the receiver’s fields according to the contact the letter is being sent to. Depending on whom the letter is going to, sometimes the salutation and signing off needs to be changed as well.

This editing has room for quite a bit of human error. TheLetterGenie works in partnership with Highrise (an advanced customer management service) to create individual letter templates for each contact. An image of our signature can also be uploaded that shows with each letter. The assistant only has to type up the letter’s body; TheLetterGenie pre-fills out the rest.

TheLetterGenie has free and multiple paid plans. Businesses will find the paid plans most suitable and would get a lot for their money.



  • Ends up saving a lot of typing by saving redundant typing.
  • Minimizes human error in letter sending.
  • Lets Highrise users make the most of their service.
  • Fast interface.
  • Design your letters with ease.
  • Similar tools: LetterWiz, Postful, LetterFu & TheMailMonster.

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