LetsVoteNow: Quick & Easy Online Voting Tool For Any Topic

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Whether you are trying to decide where to go for lunch or electing your club president; the voting process can be tedious and cumbersome. However, LetsVoteNow is a online voting tool that lets you vote on any topic without any hassle. You start by entering the topic you are voting on, then choose if the vote would be a simple “Yes” or “No” or if people would have to select one of a few possible answers.

Then add the email addresses of the administrator and the people who are supposed to vote. Everybody receives an email with the voting details and can simply click on the desired option to submit their vote. You can also specify a limited amount of voting time, after which all the results are emailed to you. You can also delete the vote at any time.

The whole process is done without needing to sign up for an account or setting up usernames and passwords.

online voting tool


  • Online voting application.
  • Conduct quick voting on any subject.
  • Specify voting options and send it to as many people as you want.
  • Everybody votes by clicking on the desired option.
  • Voting administrator receives the results in an email.
  • No registration required.

Visit LetsVoteNow @ www.letsvotenow.com

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The link that is supposed to link to letsvotenow.com actually links to ‘http://www.makeuseof.com/dir/letsvotenow-online-voting-tool/www.letsvotenow.com’, you may want to fix that. :-)



Thanks for pointing it out , Fixed now.

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