LetsCall.Me: Get Calls without Revealing your Phone Number

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Want to be able to receive direct phone calls regarding your eBay, CraigsList or any other classified listing without revealing your phone number? LetsCall.Me has a solution for you. It enables others to contact you by phone without knowing your number. This way your phone number and identity remains private. Plus it’s free both for caller and recipient.

How does it work?

    (1) Register by picking your own URL (for example letscall.me/makeuseof) and adding your phone number.

    hide your phone number

    (2) Whenever you need to post your phone number somewhere, simply share the link instead.

    (3) When someone decides to contact you they can click on the link where there will be a field to input their number. Once they enter their number, LetsCall.Me will call and connect them with you.

    keep your phone number private

    (4) Your phone will ring showing the other person’s Caller ID.


  • Accept calls without revealing your phone number.
  • No caller id blocking – always know who’s calling you.
  • Easily block unwanted callers.
  • Free and easy to setup and use.

Check out LetsCall.Me @ www.letscall.me

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For what it’s worth, this sort of functionality, and much more, is available in GrandCentral. grandcentral.com/howitworks/webcall_button

I love my GrandCentral account!



The service is no longer free. In addition to a monthly charge, there is a per call charge as well as a per minute charge. It was nice while it lasted! LCM

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