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hootsuite androidIf you’re a fan of using Twitter or Facebook on your mobile, then you have every reason in the world to check out the Hootsuite Android application. And speaking as someone who has recently explored it in depth, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Hootsuite makes it very easy for users to check particular Twitter lists, mentions, searches, news feeds and more from up to 5 social media accounts for free. This may include multiple accounts from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. You’ll find that the ease of use and versatility will keep you coming back for more. Time to get started!

Get Hootsuite For Android

First of all, go get your copy of Hootsuite for Android from the Google Play store. It’s a modest sized application, and it can be moved to the SD card to save space. The application is free and most features are available using a free Hootsuite account. Professional users who wish to do more with their Hootsuite account can upgrade for more features.

Check out Hootsuite in action in this video.

Why Try Hootsuite?

Although personally I really like Seesmic for Android Seesmic - The Perfect Way To Use Twitter & Facebook On The Droid [Android] Seesmic - The Perfect Way To Use Twitter & Facebook On The Droid [Android] If you're an Android user and you love Twitter and Facebook, you really should try using Seesmic as your go-to client for both. Seesmic for Android is a very comprehensive application, which allows you to... Read More , and its counterpart Seesmic Ping, I found myself checking out the Hootsuite Android app and really loving it (never mind that all three apps are owned by the same company now). It’s designed to be extremely useful to the hobbyist and semi-professional Twitter user, with an option for paid features if you want to go pro.

hootsuite android


Using Hootsuite

The layout of the Hootsuite app is very easy to use and it’s possible to set things up using the web-based app if you prefer. Hootsuite allows you to nominate a variety of Streams, which can be searches, mentions, Twitter lists, Facebook news feed, scheduled updates and more. In turn, Streams are bundled together in Tabs, which are seen as separate tabs in the web-based app, but merely keep things neatly together in the Android app. This creates a lot of flexibility and makes things easy for you while you’re on-the-go.

hootsuite android app

You may set a refresh interval for all of your streams, or just manually refresh when you’re viewing each one. It’s up to you.

You may also collect some basic statistics about your Twitter accounts via the Hootsuite application using the free account, but it will take some time. Click in the top left and choose “Stats”, then nominate the account you want to collect statistics for. When sufficient data has been collected, you can view the results in a handy graph.

hootsuite android app

Hootsuite Accounts

To make things simple, every Hootsuite user signs up for a Hootsuite account, which in turn controls all of their linked social media accounts. This makes your settings easy to sync between devices. Up to five different social media accounts can be added, including multiple Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. The way you view information from any or all of these accounts is entirely up to you, as they can be mixed however you like.

Posting to any of these accounts is also very simple, using the same post screen and nominating the account as you submit it. Posts may also be scheduled ahead of time to any of your accounts.

hootsuite android

Which Android apps do you normally use for Facebook and Twitter? How does Hootsuite for Android compare in your eyes?

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    January 18, 2013 at 1:12 am

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