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If you tend to forget things and want to create a quick note of everything, then you should check out Less Memories. This simple note taking app lets you save notes online called “memories” or use voice input through Jott to add notes. The social element of Less Memories also allow users to view memories of your friends.

simple note taking

Once you sign-up and log-in to your account, you can post new notes and mark them public or private. Less Memories has a twitter-like function where you can add friends to your account or just follow them. With Less Memories, you can pool your notes together so that you and your friends can help remind each other. In addition, you can add new memories by using their browser bookmarklet.

Less Memories is a handy tool for those looking for a simple drop-and-forget online reminder app.

simple note taking


  • Record memories to help remind yourself of things
  • Format the text of your memories
  • View other users’ memories
  • Follow other users
  • Jott and AIM integration
  • Add a Less Memories toolbar button in your browser
  • Search your friends’ public memories
  • Similar Tools: and Urge-Me.

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