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Most online services require you to register with your email address before you can use them. That’s fine except that many of them end up spamming you later. A solution would be to use a throw away email account to try out a service before you can trust it.

To save you time in this process, we’ve got an innovative Firefox add-on called Less Spam Please. It lets you generate and insert a temporary and anonymous email address right from the context menu in Firefox.

throw away email accounts

throw away email accounts

The add-on doesn’t provide a temporary email service though. Instead, it has 3 options you can choose from – YopMail, Humaility and Mailinator. It also adds an option to the right-click menu to go directly to your temporary mailbox. This comes in handy if you need to click a link in the confirmation mail sent by that site to confirm your registration.


  • Firefox add-on to quickly generate temporary email addresses.
  • You can choose from YopMail, Humaility and Mailinator to get the email.
  • Also, visit your temporary inbox by clicking the link in the context menu.

Check out Less Spam,

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