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If you own a jailbroken device running iOS 5 and you feel like you are missing all the fun with Siri, fear not, because the iPhone hacking community has launched a Siri port that works on all jailbroken iOS 5 devices. Best of all, this port is actually legal. There have been other ports, but they all violated Apple’s terms of service. Instead of using workarounds to get Siri’s files, Spire downloads Siri directly from Apple, and is not in violation of any of Apple’s terms of service. It is available now, from Cydia on your device.

The problem with the port is that it seems to be impossible to connect to Siri without a proxy server, and Apple has theirs locked down. There are ways to get the application to work fully, but they aren’t easy. The developer of Spire has an FAQ, which suggests some possible ways to find a proxy server. Some suggestions include asking a friend for their authentication tokens and if you already have a 4S, sharing your authentication tokens with another device.

He also suggests some ways the situation may change in the future. He thinks you may be able to rent space on someone’s Siri for a monthly fee. He also suggests the possibility of using Siri, but getting the results from Google’s “Speech” API.

Source: TechCrunch

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