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When you have too many windows open on your desktop – documents, applications, browsers, messenger windows etc – your screen gets cluttered and noisy for your eyes. With so many open windows it can be difficult to concentrate on your current task. Check out LeDimmer. It is a handy application for Windows that dims the screen apart from the your current active window bright in the foreground.

To use the application, download it from their website, unzip on your desktop and launch it. The program has no configuration menu or settings you can adjust. It just starts working right away. It sits in your system tray and automatically dims the background and keeps the active window bright in the foreground. However, you can still configure it using the command line.

dim background windows

Open Command Prompt (in Windows) and type in a command like :

C:/Ledimmer location/LeDimmer -alpha 50.

This command will change the transparency of the background to 50 (transparency values range from 0 to 255, default is 150). Similarly you can change the settings for for maximum window size, HideOnDesktop (do not dim desktop when it has the focus) or change the dimming image to a specified BMP file.


To see the syntax for command arguments, right click on LeDimmer from the system tray and click “About…”.



  • Simple to use. Works as soon as launched.
  • No settings or configurations required.
  • Change the transparency of the background.
  • Enable/disable dimming the desktop when it has the focus.
  • Change the dimming background a specfic BMP image.
  • Portable application. Use from a removable drive.
  • No setup and installation needed.
  • Works with Windows 2000/XP/Vista.
  • Similar tools – Peek Through For Windows.

Check out LeDimmer @ (via Ilovefreesoftware)

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