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If you work in a field where keeping track of important documents safely and being able to collaborate on those documents is important, than you should check out LedgerDocs. It is an easy to use and safe way to organize all kinds of records right from a web browser. You can create folders to keep everything organized and accessible when you need them.

document management for bookkeepers

You can use LedgerDocs to securely share documents with others. For example, an accountant could easily share select documents with a business owner. It only takes one click to grant access to a file, and one more click to take it away. This makes it quick and easy to share and collaborate. They even back up your data daily, to make sure it is safe. Their system for browsing docs is very intuitive, so even less than computer savvy people can make use of it.


This service is also mobile friendly. You can send receipts from your iPhone, Android or Blackberry device. It makes it easy to get access to everything you need, no matter where you are.


  • Easy to use document management.
  • Create folders to find what you need easier.
  • Share and collaborate with just a couple of clicks.
  • Many features work on mobile.
  • Supports iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Find LedgerDocs @

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