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neHeadI was asked today by a friend of the family, who is 11 years old, how he could learn to type better. I showed him a few tutorials that were kind of fun but not really. They all failed and failed miserably at keeping this young guy’s attention.  Now I need something more along the lines of the OMGZombies game I covered a little while ago here ZOMGies! - An Addictive Zombie Survival Game ZOMGies! - An Addictive Zombie Survival Game Read More .

What we need is some excitement and maybe a little blood. Before you get on me about recommending a shoot em’ up to a 11 year old, know that he plays much MUCH worse games online everyday. So to him Ninja Hunter is pretty tame, but it’s a great method for learning to type online.

When you first load the page you will see this:

learning to type online

You can choose Easy, Normal or Hard. There is a survival mode (which is faster paced) and an enemy encyclopedia. I chose Easy and continued on. They will show you a brief tutorial on how to play the game.


learning to type online

The game is easy enough in theory. You will be at the top of the temple. Ninjas will attack. When they come flying at you they will have a four letter word over their head. You will need to type this word to defeat them. Things will get more exciting the further in you get with projectiles like deadly ninja stars and much more.

You also have special powers called Speed of the wind (1), Rage of the Wind (2) and the Wind Barrier (3). You can use these special attacks or offenses when your Rage meter is full at the top of the game screen.

learning to type online

Then by pressing the attack numbers (1, 2 or 3) on your keyboard you will initiate the attack or offense. Here I used one in the shot below – can you guess which one it is?

Keep on defeating your enemies to get more rage and stay ahead of the game. You can see each of the powers below, what they do and how to activate them.

learn to type

In the first board all we will see are normal ninjas. They are the easiest to beat and do not throw projectiles at you.

learn to touch type

Here you can see two normal ninjas attacking. I just typed the first word on the first ninja’s head and now I am going to type POLO to defeat the second one, all the while polishing my typing skills and effectively learning to type online.

free learn to type

When you beat the first stage, just like any other game, you will be given a status report telling you about how well or badly you did on the last board. You will also be given a score and gold pieces that can be used to upgrade your character.

free learn to type

Here you can see the upgrades and you can spread them around until you run out of money!

free learn to type

This is a highly addictive game but the added bonus is that it helps people type better, quicker and more accurate.

So go kill them ninjas kids!

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