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Ever since the Ruby on Rails framework first landed back in 2005, it has been a favorite with developers. It marries great features with simplicity, making it capable of powering some of the world’s biggest platforms, yet easy for novice programmers to learn.

If you would like to get started with the framework, the Ruby on Rails Coding Bootcamp at MakeUseOf Deals offers six great video courses for $29. It starts with a gentle introduction, and includes 57 hours of content in all. Here is a closer look.

Ruby on Rails Coding Bootcamp

If you have never before written a line of code, Ruby on Rails for Beginners is a great starting point. The course explains how apps are constructed and what Rails is capable of, before helping you to set up your development environment. You then work on building a basic app, and connecting it to a database.

The next three courses are the intermediate steps: Ruby on Rails for Web Development, Comprehensive Ruby on Rails, and Learn Ruby on Rails by Building Projects. Between them, they offer 26 hours of learning. The first of these courses shows you how to recreate Pinterest with your own code, while the Comprehensive course covers the skills you will need for deploying any app, including HTML/CSS customization, Git versioning, and the Model-View-Controller framework. The Projects course offers plenty of practice.

The final stage is to go pro with The Professional Ruby on Rails Developer. This course introduces cloud-based development environments, Test-Driven Development, Bootstrap, wireframing, and plenty more besides. You can add to this knowledge with the final course, which looks at Behavior-Driven Development with RSpec 3 and Capybara.

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