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You can learn to be a certified project manager for 93% off for a limited time! That’s right, for just $35.99 you can get access to two courses that will prepare you to earn the valuable PMP and CompTIA Project+ certifications.

Buy: Project Management Certified Professional Bundle

CompTIA Project+ Certification

The first course in this bundle will teach you how to master the entire project life cycle, from the inception and planning phase, to closing the project out.


Being a project manager isn’t just making sure your team gets a project done, but it’s also about making sure it gets done on time and within its allocated budget. You’ll learn the key skills for both, which will make you much more attractive to potential employers.

The course is focused on the things you’ll need to know to pass the CompTIA Project+ certification exam. If you really want to break into the project management field, having this certification will be a huge help, and it’ll help put you a step above others in the competitive job market.

Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification

This course will round out your skills and give you the last bits of knowledge you’ll need in order to ace the PMP exam. It focuses on running through all the common topics that are on the course, so you can go in with confidence that you’ll be able to pass it with ease!


Topics covered in this one include mastering principles important to the success of any project, effectively managing the key facets of a project, and much more.

To go even further towards helping you pass the exam, there are sample questions that will let you practice for the exam, which not only allows you to make sure you understand the content, but it’ll also give you a boost of confidence going in, since you’ll have seen the kinds of questions that are on the test.

Get Your New Career Going Strong!

Just about every company needs skilled project managers to make sure things get done, and that could be you if you take both of these courses and sign up for the certification exams!

Buy: Project Management Certified Professional Bundle

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