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New words are being invented all the time, both online and offline. The Internet is responsible for a host of new words and phrases, many of which end up making it into dictionaries.

Having previously looked at 10 Internet phrases we would like to see die in a fire Kill It With Fire: 10 Internet Expressions That Need To Die [Weird & Wonderful Web] Kill It With Fire: 10 Internet Expressions That Need To Die [Weird & Wonderful Web] Languages are forever evolving. Some new words and phrases are readily accepted into common parlance. Others remain confined to the Internet, where they are often overused to the point that they need to die. Read More , it’s high time we balanced things out with a look at a collection of new words currently vying for inclusion in the next Collins English Dictionary.

This is the Twictionary. Drumroll, please…

Collins Twictionary

The Twictionary is Collins’ attempt to utilize the power of Twitter to decide which Internet-originated words should make it into the twelfth edition of the Collins English Dictionary.

Collins has chosen nine words it feels have crossed over into the mainstream to such a degree they can legitimately be added to a real dictionary. And as physical books 5 Great Apps for Avid Readers Who Prefer a Real Printed Book [Android] 5 Great Apps for Avid Readers Who Prefer a Real Printed Book [Android] If there is one area in life that I believe technology will never completely eradicate older "technology" is in the area of reading. While many people have adopted the great e-book readers and publications that... Read More can sit on shelves for many generations, this is a huge responsibility for us all.

Or perhaps it’s just a bit of fun and we can all spend the weekend using these words at inappropriate times. You can decide that for yourself, but to make sure you’re using the words in the correct manner we have defined each of them below.



Dorky in an adorable way.

If you’re dorky and adorable then you’re adorkable. Hipsters the world over 7 Great Websites Poking Fun At Hipsters 7 Great Websites Poking Fun At Hipsters Hipsters, or scenesters as they're sometimes called, are a sub-culture who want to be different. At all costs. That longing to be different has now come full circle, where it's actually the norm (or at... Read More will be overjoyed at the news. “Hey, look at that guy reading Twilight. He’s so adorkable I want to marry him.


The traditional ‘pouting’ facial expression in selfies.

No one seems to know why women pull a duckface as soon as a camera is pointed at them. But they do it. A lot. “I thought that girl was hot until I got the photos developed and saw her duckface. Ugh.


The original pro-Europe protests in Ukraine.

The only serious word on the list, which makes me balk at the idea of mocking it. But what the hell. “Did you see EuroMaidan on the news last night? It sure beat the riots in London for causing chaos.


A large mass of solid waste, grease, etc, clogging a sewage system.

Once you’ve seen a fatberg you can never unsee it. And to think these things all live in the sewers below us. “The water takes ages to run away. My plumber is blaming the fatberg, which turned out to be the nickname he uses for his wife.


A farmer selfie.

Everyone takes selfies 5 Things To Avoid When Taking Selfies 5 Things To Avoid When Taking Selfies Selfies shouldn’t be taken lightly, and there are many things you need to avoid. Read More , even farmers, apparently, though I have never seen one doing so myself. A farmer selfie is a felfie, obviously. “Oh, I love taking felfies. This is me with Dolly the sheep. And this is me with Dobbin the horse. I suck at naming my animals.


An activist who protests against fracking.

Fracking is a controversial process which has caused activists to rise up against those keen on it. These people are fracking activists, or fracktivists. “Watch out, the fractivist army is heading our way, and they have placards. Placards!


Gay-friendly neighbourhood, eg Castro in San Francisco.

To counter the problem of homophobia, gay-friendly neighbourhoods are becoming commonplace. And what better way to describe them than gaybourhoods. “Welcome to the gaybourhood, everyone is welcome here. Except homophobes.


Selfie of a woman without make-up, posted online to raise awareness.

The #nomakeupselfie hashtag was intended to raise money and awareness for cancer charities. And it did. But it also reminded people that there is such a thing as natural beauty. “Miley Cyrus posted a nomakeupselfie, but she kept hold of the foam finger.


Posting deliberately vague status updates on social media.

We covered the imbecilic art of vaguebooking What Is The Imbecilic Art Of Vaguebooking? What Is The Imbecilic Art Of Vaguebooking? You may not have heard of the term Vaguebooking, but I can guarantee you will have seen at least one example of it in action. Certainly if you're active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any... Read More in depth a couple of years ago. It’s an ongoing problem though, and together we can find a cure. “My cousin is vaguebooking again, but you can’t unfriend family members, can you?

Vote Now!

Now that you know what all of the words in the Collins Twictionary mean and how you would use them in a sentence, it’s time to vote for your favorite. Voting ends on May 28, which only gives you a few days to get tweeting 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter Twitter has now been with us for seven years and counting. This was seven years to the day since Jack Dorsey sent out the first tweet in 2006, at a time when the micro-blogging social... Read More with your preferred choice.

Don’t pull an adorkable duckface while voting, or some felfie-loving fractivists may launch a fatberg on your vaguebooking gayborhood in an attack which #nomakeupselfie-supporting journalists will describe as the new EuroMaidan.

You have been warned. Now do your duty.

Image Credits: jDevaun via Flickr

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