Learn Why An E-mail Was Marked As Spam With A New Gmail Feature [Updates]

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mail spam   Learn Why An E mail Was Marked As Spam With A New Gmail Feature [Updates]Why does Gmail marks things as spam? Now you can find out. Google has added a new feature to Gmail – spam explanations. From now on, every time you venture into your Gmail spam folder and click on an e-mail, Gmail will tell you exactly why it filed this message under Spam.

One of Gmail’s best features is its spam filter. As good as it is, though, it’s not always right. Even when it is, it’s nice to know more about how the filter works and why it sees certain things and not others as spam. If you head over to your spam folder right now, and click on an e-mail, you’ll see a message on the top explaining why this e-mail was marked as spam, complete with a “Learn more” link.

gmail spam explanation7   Learn Why An E mail Was Marked As Spam With A New Gmail Feature [Updates]

The reasons vary from e-mail to e-mail: when Gmail thinks an e-mail is really dangerous, it highlights the message in red and warns you that similar messages were used to steal information. Alternatively, it might inform you that it couldn’t verify the message was really sent from that domain, that in contains content that’s typical to spam messages, or that you’ve simply asked for this sender to be marked as spam.

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This is a useful feature, especially for when Gmail’s spam filter fails, but also for your general knowledge. As usual, the new feature does not yet appear in Google Apps accounts, only in regular Gmail accounts.

What do you think of the new feature? Does you find Gmail’s spam filter to be accurate, or do you lose important e-mails to spam?

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FYI… not available in gmail’s HTML-only mode which is fine. Still, a nice feature.

Yaara Lancet

Thanks for letting me know. Makes sense that it doesn’t, though. I’m curious, why do you use HTML-only mode for Gmail?


Siyanda Mava

Thanx for letting me know about this feature. It will help me know what not to do on my email campaigns. Also, why sometimes MUO is flagged as spam.

Yaara Lancet

Do let us know if you have any insights as to why MUO is flagged as spam, would be good for us to know too!



Haven’t come across one yet (just lucky I guess lol) Is this a feature I need to “enable” in my settings?

Yaara Lancet

Well, you need to look in your spam mailbox to see them. It only appears on e-mails Gmail has marked as spam and placed in the spam mailbox.

The change is automatic, you don’t have to enable it. If you go to your spam folder right now, you’ll be able to see it. Unless you’re using a Google Apps account, it hasn’t made an appearance there yet.

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