5 Courses to Create Great Videos With Your DSLR Camera

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When DSLR cameras first exploded onto the market, they were used for taking still images. Of course, they still are used for that, but they’ve quickly become a tool for recording video. In fact, many independent documentaries are actually filmed with a DSLR because they offer high-quality from a smaller package that’s easy to carry around.

Like anything, you need to learn if you want be successful at creating video. Sure, you can pick up a camera, point it an object, and capture video, but creating good video takes a bit of practice and a lot of knowledge.

That’s why we’re going to look at 5 courses on Udemy that will teach you to be a DSLR video master (though some focus on more general video techniques, you still need to know them)!

Cinematography Masterclass: Start Shooting Better Video Now

Before we jump into the specifics of shooting with a DSLR camera, you’ll need to understand the basics of shooting in general. If you’re experienced at shooting video with other hardware, you might be able to get away with skipping this course, but if you’re a beginner or you need a refresher, this class is perfect for you.


There’s a 4.8-star rating for this course, so other Udemy users are enjoying it. It’s taught by a professional Hollywood cinematographer who definitely knows his stuff.

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This is a very broad class that hits on tons of topics. You’ll learn about the basics of a camera (including a section on whether a DSLR is right for what you want to shoot), exposure, composition, movement, lighting, and even how to make money as a video producer. It’s a great starting point to springboard you into the more specific courses that follow.

DSLR Video Production – Start Shooting Better Video Today

This course is where we dig into the specifics of shooting with a DSLR camera, which is of course what you’re here for. It’s designed to be valuable for both experienced and inexperienced video producers, so you can benefit from it no matter where you are in your career.

One of the scarier things about shooting with a DSLR is using manual mode. You’ll learn how things like shutter speed, aperture, and ISO change the look of your videos. Expanding on the first course, it’ll teach you about composition, which is one of the key aspects of making video that people will want to watch.


There’s also specific aspects of this course that pertain to editing DSLR video. You’ll very rarely find yourself just using the video as it’s shot, and you need to understand how to edit a video to create a beautiful final product.

In total, there are 81 lectures in this course, and once you make it through, you’ll be prepared to make the most of that DSLR camera to create films, documentaries, or anything your imagination can come up with.

The Complete Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Course For Beginners

Premier Pro is a piece of video editing software that’s available on almost every platform, which is why we choose to feature a course dedicated to it here. While the previous courses do dip into the world of video editing, this one digs deeper.


You don’t need to have ever used Premier Pro to make use of this course as it starts out with the very basics. It’ll guide you through setting up the program, the basics of editing video, adding more advanced touches, and it’ll even show you how to export your videos properly.

Video Lighting Basics

Sometimes, you’ll be out in the world and forced to shoot with whatever lighting situation there is. But in other cases, you can control the lighting of your scene. This course is meant to serve as a crash course in lighting a video. It does require that you have a basic knowledge of shooting, which is where the other courses will help out a great deal.


The course starts off with a breakdown of lighting fundamentals, which is key to any good shot. You can know that something looks good, but if you don’t know how to actually create that look in your scene, then you’re just hoping to get lucky. You’ll definitely use a lot of what you learn in this course to help you light your DSLR-shot scenes better.

Audio for Video – Recording Sound and Voice on Location

One of the most overlooked aspects of a good video is the part you don’t see at all — the sound. Unless you’re shooting a silent film, audio is going to be half of what the viewer experiences while they watch your production.

With that in mind that we’ve included a whole course dedicated to just the audio you’ll capture for your video.


The course goes in-depth on the different types of audio equipment you can use, how to actually record audio, and how the environment will affect your sound. There’s even a whole section of the course dedicated to editing audio. It’s easy to think of audio editing as just part of the video editing process, but if you want to create truly impressive videos, you need to dedicate just as much time to the sound.

Now, Go Create!

Once you dig in and take these courses, you’ll be ready to create anything with your DSLR camera. Whether your goal is to shoot documentaries, films, or professional YouTube videos, the DSLR you already own can do just as much as a dedicated video camera!

Do you use your DSLR for video? Have any awesome creations you’d like to share? Hit the comments below and share with us!

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