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Code holds the digital world together — without it, there would be no apps to install. Can you even imagine a world without Facebook or Instagram? If you’d like to know how to work with code it’s not too late to start. This bundle of 8 Udemy courses is all you need. Pay anything above $1 to get the first two courses, or beat the average price to receive all eight. Then 10 percent of your purchase will be shared with the charity of your choice.

Learn To Code

If you’re familiar with WordPress, you can probably get by on drag-and-drop editors and simple interfaces. But without any coding knowledge, it’s not easy to get beyond those simple options, or even build the site you actually want. By understanding HTML, CSS and PHP, you can edit your site’s code and tweak the structure of each page until you get them exactly the way you want. If you want to go the extra mile and study more advanced programming, such as Java or Python, you can actually bring your ideas to life.

This Name Your Own Price Learn To Code Bundle covers everything you need to know, including how to build a responsive site, using HTML5+, PHP, JavaScript, Objective C, Xcode, Python, and even how to build a site from PSD.

Pay what you want, and you’ll receive the first two courses (see below). Beat the average price (currently around $14) to unlock all 8 courses; with over 800 lectures, and more than 80 hours of content.

Get this bundle: Name Your Own Price Learn To Code

Programming Java for Beginners – The Ultimate Java Tutorial

Learn To Code: 8 Bundled Courses, Pay What You Want name your own price learn to code bundle 1

Java is one of the most well-established programming languages around, and it allows you to build programs that work on multiple platforms, and in Web browsers too. This is a great introduction to the language, but it also shows you the fundamentals of object-oriented programming — essential for building top quality apps on any platform.

  • Over 115 lectures and 10 hours teaching you object-oriented programming, classes, objects, loops, and much more
  • Suitable for beginner programmers

PSD to HTML5/CSS3: Hand Code a Beautiful Website in 4 Hours

Learn To Code: 8 Bundled Courses, Pay What You Want name your own price learn to code bundle 2

Most websites begin as a PSD mockup, just because it’s the easiest way of digitally sketching out and visualizing your ideas. As a result, converting a PSD file into a fully functional website is a basic skill of Web design. Through 22 lectures and 4 hours of content, this course teaches the process in a concise format. By the end of this course, you will be able to turn a PSD into a beautiful, usable, and valid HTML5 and CSS3 website.

Become a Web Developer from Scratch

Learn To Code: 8 Bundled Courses, Pay What You Want name your own price learn to code bundle 3

There’s a lot to learn in becoming a full-fledged Web developer, both in terms of pure programming knowledge, and good practices. It’s pretty much all covered from the ground in this course, which splits the learning into 8 chapters and provides source code examples.

  • Over 234 lectures and 41 hours of content
  • Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, XML, jSON, AJAX, jQuery and the new HTML5 + CSS3
  • 8 chapters covering the most popular programming languages in Web development
  • Each final project will have the source code available for download

Creating Responsive Web Design

Learn To Code: 8 Bundled Courses, Pay What You Want name your own price learn to code bundle 4

If you’re going to build your dream site, you might as well make it work elegantly on all screens, from tiny to massive. Responsive design is the best way to do that, but it requires a certain method of working, along with a good knowledge of frameworks. This course walks you through the process with over 11 lectures and 1.5 hours of content.

  • Learn CSS3 media queries
  • Integrate Google’s HTML5 Shiv JavaScript
  • Make CSS rules specifically for Internet Explorer
  • Learn image slicing and optimization techniques in Photoshop

Build a Website from Scratch with HTML and CSS

Learn To Code: 8 Bundled Courses, Pay What You Want name your own price learn to code bundle 5

This is where to start if you’re completely new to Web design. HTML and CSS are the absolute basics of building a website — without them, every other language is useless. Quite frankly, this course, with 77 lectures and 8 hours of content, is pretty useful even if you don’t own a site, as these two languages are used literally everywhere in the digital domain. By the end of this course, you will have a basic and thorough understanding of HTML and CSS. Upon completion, you will have coded a handful of useful HTML and CSS examples. In the last section of this course, you focus on building a beautiful, semantic HTML and CSS webpage.

Learning Dynamic Website Design – PHP MySQL and JavaScript

Learn To Code: 8 Bundled Courses, Pay What You Want name your own price learn to code bundle 6

With HTML and CSS under your belt, these three languages are probably your next port of call. They make stuff happen on webpages, and it’s possible to create seriously complex web apps with these languages alone. The learn-by-doing approach of this course, along with its 126 lectures and 12.5 hours of content, will teach you how to build functional websites that utilize MySQL, PHP and other Web development technologies; everything about PHP and MySQL; pairing a secure backend of a website with an attractive visual interface made with CSS, AJAX, and JavaScript.

iOS and Mac OS X Programming Tutorial – Objective C and Xcode

Learn To Code: 8 Bundled Courses, Pay What You Want name your own price learn to code bundle 7

Now we’re really getting to the business end. In case you weren’t aware, iOS and OS X apps are built on Objective C and Xcode, so with these heavyweight languages under your belt, pretty much anything is possible. Although these aren’t the easiest to learn, this course does a good job of holding your hand throughout 73 lectures and 5 hours of content. At the end, you would have gained a solid understanding of programming for both iOS and OS X and the skills needed to build robust code.

Web Programming with Python

Learn To Code: 8 Bundled Courses, Pay What You Want name your own price learn to code bundle 8

Finally, there’s Python — possibly the most fashionable programming language with developers right now. Predominantly used on the Web, Python is particularly good for manipulating data, and it’s a great coding skill to have under your belt. Plus it’s another good route into object-oriented programming. This course teaches the basics, before moving on to working with servers, databases and frameworks.

  • Lifetime access to 54 lectures and 3+ hours of high quality content
  • Learn Python object-oriented programming techniques within web-based projects, from online databases to complete websites
  • Learn the essentials of XML and how it can be used in conjunction with Python projects
  • Implement and work with Django to manage full database-driven websites

This Name Your Own Price Learn To Code bundle comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and lifetime access to the courses on Udemy. Currently, the average price you’d need to beat in order to unlock all 8 courses is close to $15. Honestly, that’s quite a steal, considering you’ll have access to the content for the rest of your life.

For more information about the various courses, check out the Name Your Own Price Learn To Code, and don’t forget that 10% of your purchase will go to a charity of your choice (Child’s Play, World Wildlife Fund, Creative Commons).

Buy Now: Name Your Own Price Learn To Code

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