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Today, we’re going to look at a bundle of courses that’ll get you on the road to writing Alexa apps. You can get both courses for only $19, which is 93% off!

Buy: Amazon Alexa Coding Bundle: From Zero To Hero

The Courses

The two courses are sectioned off based on difficulty. The first one is aimed at absolute beginners and the second gets into more advanced jobs that’ll help you take your skills to a much higher level. Writing apps that work with voice is a bit different than what you’re used to, so even veteran programmers will be able to get a lot of out of this course bundle.

Alexa Development For Absolute Beginners

This course will teach you how to build engaging apps that users will actually want to talk to. In fact, you’ll learn 10 different skills for the Echo. There’s also an 80-minute mock exam that’ll make sure you’ve actually learned the content covered.

If you’re busy (and honestly, who isn’t) the course is designed to be done in quick spurts with 5-20 minute lessons. And as a cool bonus, you’ll learn how to make an Alexa device from a Raspberry Pi 3!


Advanced Alexa Skills Kit

The second class features 18 lessons that hit on many of the more complicated aspects of working with the Alexa voice platform. You’ll learn account linking, persistent database storage, audio streaming, and other more difficult matters.

Just like the first course, there’s an exam that’ll make sure you’ve absorbed the skills. By the time you make it through both of these courses, you’ll be ready to create all kinds of voice apps!

$19 Price Only Available For a Limited Time

Unfortunately, the $19 price is only available for a little while, so you don’t want to wait to pick it up! Voice control is obviously not going anywhere, so it would most certainly behoove you to add these skills to your repertoire. Give yourself a leg up on lots of other programmers out there!

Buy: Amazon Alexa Coding Bundle: From Zero To Hero

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