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xbox one youtubeMicrosoft unveiled its next-generation console on May 21, 2013. Officially called the Xbox One — and not Xbox 720, Xbox Infinity, or Xbox Next, all of which were rumored — the new console is the final piece of the emerging next-gen puzzle. Once launched the Xbox One will go head to head with the PS4 from Sony and (to a lesser extent) the Wii U from Nintendo.

Sony was heavily criticized for the PS4 reveal, particularly for not showing the actual console, so hopes were high for Microsoft to beat its biggest rival convincingly. That didn’t really happen. Sure, the hardware was present, along with the new controller and talk of how the Xbox One is going to be the only multimedia device you’ll need in your living room. But Microsoft seems to have forgotten the “games” part inherent in the term “games console.

Then there was the revelation that the Xbox One wouldn’t be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games. And the strong hint at a system to curtail used games; they aren’t completely banned but second-hand owners will likely have to pay an activation fee to unlock each game. In other words, Microsoft failed just as heartily as Sony did. Making me think I’ll sit out the next-gen of gaming.

Just to make sure I know the full story before making any rash decisions, I hit YouTube to discover what kind of videos were available to watch concerning the Xbox One. What follows is a collection of 10 released around the time of the Xbox One reveal; some are serious and/or official, while others are parodies and/or just downright funny. Between them they’ll entertain and inform you about the Xbox One.

The Xbox One Anthem

We start with the Xbox One anthem, which is a kind of mission statement as told by a mixture of celebrities, Microsoft execs, and members of the public. It’s a little weird, but it does include soundbites that Microsoft clearly feels are going to prove useful in the future. And, as someone points out in the YouTube comments, if Apple had produced this promo then it would be lauded as a masterpiece.

Xbox One Reveal Highlights

The Xbox One reveal was, as is always the case with these things, lengthy and rather dull for the most part. How do you edit such a presentation down to its bare minimum while still getting the main points across to people? By editing the reveal down to individual words and phrases. Apparently the Xbox One is all about TV and sports. Xbox, go home.

Xbox One Entertainment Demo

As mentioned previously, television is important to the Xbox One. In fact, Microsoft imagines the Xbox One as being the only multimedia device you’ll need in your living room. This is the demonstration of the entertainment hub included in the Xbox One. It looks great, but why is this being cited as the most important feature on what is primarily meant to be a games console?

Xbox One Revealed!

This is an overly zany parody of the Xbox One reveal from Machinima. It was actually released before the Xbox One reveal had even taken place, but it really isn’t meant to be an accurate portrayal of the event. Strangely, they called some elements of the Xbox One reveal correctly, though there are too many games mentioned in this video for it to be taken seriously.

Xbox One Halo TV Show

Ooh, a new Halo game would be a great way of launching the Xbox One. And here it is… wait, that’s no game, that’s a TV show. WTF?! Who cares about a Halo television series? We’re gamers, first and foremost, and, as impressive as it is that Steven Spielberg is involved with the show, we just don’t care. Moving on.

Xbox One Reveal Parody

It’s time for another parody of the Xbox One reveal, and this one is less zany and more serious-minded. It’s delivered in a deadpan style by a guy in a suit, and while it won’t fool anyone with half a braincell, it does add an entertaining element to the whole thing. This parody really isn’t complimentary about the Xbox One, recounting the facts in a sarcastically sardonic manner.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts Trailer

Xbox One may have already got a reputation as the games console for non-gamers, but there were a few titles on show during the press event. Most notable was Call Of Duty: Ghosts, with the Xbox One reveal being the moment Activision chose to release the first trailer. It’s looking good, though the addition of an AI dog as part of your squad is a little odd, quite frankly.

Xbox One Angry Rant

Angry Joe isn’t happy with Microsoft. After watching the Xbox One reveal he decided to take to YouTube in order to vent his frustrations over the direction the company has headed in for the next generation. The result is one foul-mouthed rant which will make you laugh whether you agree or disagree with his views on the Xbox One. I certainly agree with his stance on trying to kill used games, as I’ve made clear in the past.

Microsoft Execs Talk Xbox One

After hearing what your average (albeit angry) joe has to say about the Xbox One, it’s only fair to give the Microsoft execs a right to reply. This video features several of them waxing lyrical about the new console, detailing certain features without a shred of awareness about how others are viewing the changes being made to their platform of choice.

Hitler Reacts To Xbox One

We finish, as is only right and proper, with a Hitler Reacts parody video pertaining to the Xbox One. The Hitler Reacts videos never get boring, even though it’s the same clip from the film Downfall used each and every time. In this version Hitler really isn’t too happy about the Xbox One. So much so that he decides to buy a PS4 instead.


If you’ve watched all of the videos embedded above then you should be much more informed about the Xbox One and what Microsoft has in store for the next generation of gaming. You may also have been able to laugh a little, both with and at Microsoft. Which is always a bonus.

There are sure to be more videos regarding the Xbox One either online already or released after this article was published. If you find a good one then please link to it in the comments section below. Otherwise feel free to tell us what you think about the console itself, Microsoft’s desire to own your living room, and the ensuing console war between the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and the Wii U.

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