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This week in Weird & Wonderful Web, we learn all about Santa, just in time for Christmas. This is a fat man who spends 364 days of the year sitting around doing very little, but who then manages the impossible by delivering presents to kids around the world in the space of one night. He’s a legend and an enigma, but what does the Internet think of good ol’ Saint Nick?

The Evolution Of Santa Claus

Who is Santa Claus, anyway? He’s been around in one form or another for centuries, starting life as St. Nicholas before slowly evolving into the jolly, red-suited man we now recognize him to be. Don’t believe the hype that Coca-Cola invented the modern-day Santa 5 Websites For The Skeptics On Myths, Urban Legends, & False Beliefs 5 Websites For The Skeptics On Myths, Urban Legends, & False Beliefs Call them hoaxes, beliefs, gossip, scams, or urban legends…at one time or the other you have come across them. The seekers of the truth head to the grand oracle which goes by the name Google... Read More ; they just helped popularize the image.

The Origins Of Santa Claus

For those who need a little more information than the video embedded above provides, we have a National Geographic article that recounts the origins of Santa Claus in greater detail. His evolution from a simple monk to a magical figure is truly fascinating, whether you believe in him or not. And you really should, or you won’t get any presents.

Santa Parkour


As Santa has already evolved over the course of centuries, it’s very likely he’ll continue to do so into the future. He’s already learning new ways of getting around neighborhoods more quickly and efficiently, using parkour to get himself in, out, and around houses. Deep snow helps cushion his falls, so think twice about clearing it all away.

Santa Claus FAILs

There may be only one real Santa Claus, but that doesn’t prevent lots of other people playing the part around the holidays. Whether they’re tribute acts or merely standing in when the real Santa is busy, they have a part to play in the festivities. Unfortunately they don’t always pull it off successfully, as this list of Santa Claus FAILs on Us Vs. Them demonstrates.

Scientifically Accurate Santa

Not everyone believes that Santa Claus is real. Scientists Science Doesn't Care What You Believe: PopSci Turns Off Comments Science Doesn't Care What You Believe: PopSci Turns Off Comments Comments can be bad for science. That's what Popular Science argued when it announced it was shutting down its comment section back in September. Do comments undermine science? Read More , for example, who insist that there is no magic in the world. Pfft, as if. This fun video tells us why Santa Claus cannot possibly exist, because the science behind it just doesn’t add up. But Santa does exist, because magic.

Santa Trackers

The Internet has gifted us a new way of getting into the spirit of Christmas, with kids and adults alike now able to track Santa as he winds his merry way around the world delivering presents. There are two big Santa trackers 2 Best Sites For Tracking Santa Claus With Your Little Ones 2 Best Sites For Tracking Santa Claus With Your Little Ones It’s December and so it’s high time you started preparing your little ones for the job of tracking Santa Claus as he gets on his sleigh to deliver gifts to children around the world. It... Read More available: the NORAD Santa Tracker, and Google’s Santa Tracker.

The Official NORAD Santa Tracker has been around for many years, but it’s been vastly improved thanks to a partnership with Microsoft. You can explore the North Pole, play games, watch movies, and then, on Christmas Eve, track the big guy as he guides his sleigh through the sky.

The Google Santa Tracker may not have the backing of NORAD, but it does a fine job of building excitement to the big day regardless. A new piece of multimedia content is opened up throughout December, acting like a virtual advent calendar. And on Christmas Eve the Google Maps technology can be used to track Santa’s journey from the North Pole.

The Real Santa, Caught On Tape

There are still people convinced that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. But this video proves that he does, as it shows the real Santa delivering presents. While it’s frowned upon to stay up on Christmas Eve waiting to catch a glimpse of Santa in action, setting up cameras around the house to film him doing so is OK. Apparently.

Santa On Twitter

Finally, those who cannot get enough of Santa will be pleased to discover he’s a fan of social networking, and of Twitter in particular. So much so that he has multiple accounts. Listed below are three Santa Twitter accounts, because I personally couldn’t work out which belonged to the real Santa and which were just pretending to be him.

Happy Holidays!

All that is left to do is wish everybody reading this happy holidays. If you celebrate Christmas then enjoy the festivities 7 Free Online Christmas Films For Your Festive Enjoyment [Stuff to Watch] 7 Free Online Christmas Films For Your Festive Enjoyment [Stuff to Watch] Read More , safe in the knowledge that you now know more about Santa Claus than you did before you read this article. Consider this our gift to you. Please. Because you’re not getting any other presents from MakeUseOf, you naughty, naughty children.

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