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league of legendsSeason 3’s initial patch of the web’s biggest online multiplayer game is upon us! League of Legends is the preferred game of millions and millions of gamers and Season 2 was a huge success for the game, its community, and Riot Games overall. There were many tournaments, a heap of new champion releases, gameplay changes, and a lot of other excitement.

Season 3 promises to be just as eventful, and as of early this month the patch unveiling all of the early changes was released on public servers. If you haven’t played LoL in a while, logging on now could look completely foreign and different to you. Not everything has changed, but there is an awful lot of new and updated items and game mechanics. In this post, let’s go over some of the most important ones.

New Items

The new items being brought to Summoner’s Rift are probably the most exciting changes to the game in this new season. The most significant areas of the game that this will affect are the jungle and support roles.

A very large portion of the new items are items with active abilities. One of these items is Mikael’s Crucible, as shown below.

league of legends

You can see that this item offers an interesting new perspective to the support role in S3. Supports are finally able to develop their characters individually as well as support their team with plenty of new active abilities.


The burden of warding in S3 is softened a bit also, as new items act similarly to Wriggle’s Lantern but are catered more towards the role of support.

league of legends video game

Junglers also have an interesting new tree of items to build into from their new starting item, the Hunter’s Machete, that represent each of the jungle camp bosses.

league of legends video game

You can find a list of all of the new items in the S3 patch on the official LoL website.

New Shop

If having a full set of new items isn’t enough, the shop has been completely remade by huge request of the community.

league of legends video game

The new shop allows for players to actually search in a text field for specific items. It can look confusing at first, but navigating items is a much more fluid experience in S3.

I talked about Enigma’s Recommended Item Changer 2 Third-Party Applications That May Change The Way You Play League Of Legends [MUO Gaming] 2 Third-Party Applications That May Change The Way You Play League Of Legends [MUO Gaming] If you haven't heard of League of Legends, why not? Recently, it was crowned the most popular game online (based on usage statistics) and more than eight million people tuned in to watch their Season... Read More in a past post and can recommend it even stronger for this patch. It will completely transform the Recommended tab of your shop. Go for it.

New Masteries

Though not completely revamped, there are some very interesting new Masteries coming to S3, such as Spellsword.

league of legends season 3

While every tree has a little something new and different, the post affected is the Utility tree. Here, you’ll find Masteries that change the way you enter early-game fights completely. Many of them come in the form of items, such as the Biscuiteer mastery.

league of legends

There is also a single-point Mastery that gives a 60-second ward at the start of the game. This can be huge in defending against jungle invasions.

Amidst all the changes, be aware that LoL will have completely wiped all of your pre-existing Masteries. If you had 15 pages like I did, you’ll need to remake them over again.

What Else to Expect

Expect to be met with changes to the jungle. Camps are now much more difficult and it’s being treated like its own lane. Farming the jungle is now a more viable solution. Leashing is no more, as jungle monsters will attack the nearest enemy at all times.

Runes have also changed. If you used to run armor or magic penetration runes, those were nerfed most significantly.

Many imperfections and bugs were fixed in the client. Skill shots can now be seen outside of the brush. If you’re hit while recalling at the very last second now, the recall will be cancelled.

Boots are slower in general. There are an entire new “tier” of boots in the form of enchantments. These enchantments can make you faster, lower the cooldown of your Summoner Spells, and more.

You can run your client now and patch to the newest version to see all of these changes. What do you guys think of the look of Season 3 so far? Let me know in the comments!

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