Why Is League Of Legends The Most Popular PC Game In The World? [MUO Gaming]

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league of legendsEarlier last month, news broke that League of Legends, the addictive rehash of MOBA games like DotA and Heroes of Newerth, has officially earned the right to call itself the most popular game on the PC platform. This data was pulled from statistics over at time-tracker gaming service Xfire. As Xfire is a little outdated (or so you can argue), many have disputed the crowning of LoL.

In Korea, League of Legends has quickly taken over and has overthrown the long-time king, StarCraft II. Korea is an incredibly competitive country in eSports. In Europe, it’s quickly becoming beloved and has peaked titles like World of Warcraft. In the United States, LoL has every reason to remain top dog for a very long time.

It’s Free

We’ll go with this reason first, as I believe it’s the biggest contributor to the game’s success. There is no flat free or subscription required to play LoL. Upon hearing that, you’re not crazy to think, “But yeah, it’s got one of those ridiculous cash shops that you’re going to have to put money into if you want to remain competitive.” Not true at all.

league of legends

The only items in the game that cannot be purchased by a currency obtainable by playing at a completely free level are items that change cosmetics. Skins and themes. These are completely useless other than to change the appearance of your game and characters. Other than that, RP (Riot Points, the points-for-cash currency) can also buy boosts and “packs.”

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Champions and runes, the two most important contributors to the competitive atmosphere of the game, can be obtained using either RP or IP (Influence Points). IP is obtained through playing games.

It’s Very Competitive

The nature of MOBA games allow them to be some of the most complex, strategic, and dynamic available online. League of Legends is a game of chess right from the moment you queue into a game.

league of legends video game

Be it a blind pick normal or a ranked draft, the game begins when you enter the draft lobby. Competition kicks off selecting a team of champions, where a team with the better team composition has a huge advantage going right into the game. Choosing the correct set of masteries and runes is also a huge factor in the early game.

There are over 100 available champions in the game, which makes for a ridiculous combination of possible teams. Selecting a team that synergizes in the lane and late game phase is a battle of brains in itself. I’ve yet to even need to mention the complexities of the game itself once things get flowing. It’s a chess match for the long haul and the team of players who know the game the best and are able to execute as a team the best will win. It’s a very good feeling when you win a competitive game as a team.

Constant Updates

League of Legends pushes out patch after patch after patch. Not only are they constantly striving to even out and improve the gameplay, but new gameplay elements are constantly introduced.

league of legends

Since I began playing League of Legends around three months ago, I believe a total of four or five new champions have been released. In that same window of time, turrets have been greatly changed, the entire visual landscape of Summoner’s Rift has been improved, ARAM has made its rise, and the first ever theme has dropped. Riot always makes sure to keep this game fresh and to keep the level of gameplay at a standard that its players are pleased with.

Too much of the same thing begins to wear on a game. That may be what happened to games like Guild Wars and World of Warcraft (despite new expansions every other year). LoL is constantly flowing and changing, forcing players to adapt and learn along the way.

These are just three of the reasons why LoL is such a great and popular game, and there are many more. Let me know why you think LoL is the king of PC gaming in the comments.

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look interesting…i want to try it, thanks for your info



Actually you are mistaken on one point. Champions can be purchased by using RP or IP but Runes can only be bought by IP meaning that you have to play to earn them. That is because Riot has said no combat benefit will be obtainable by spending money. If you had every possible set of runes from the get go that would be a big advantage no matter which character you played.



I really need to try this game out sometime, but there’s so little free time, and I already have a bunch of games to play that I got on during the Steam sale! :P #firstworldproblems


Va Du

After playing it for a couple of months now I can see the appeal of this game. It even forced Star Wars: The Old Republic to go free to play. I just wished I had more time to play.


Igor Rizvi?

Really great game,had some much time and fun spend on it,but it can get a little anoying when kids start to troll in the game,or leave the game.It can get to your nerves sometimes.but still,a godo game


Mohammad Hamzani Salleh

online? what company is this game.. look promising.. but sadly have no internet or pc at home… so far mmorpg game that i tried is ragnarok and still play till now is angel online.. i once also tried play jin online.. but since some peep keep harrassing me with no reason n have all my stuff drove with each kill.. i stop play it 3 years ago till now… never open it again..

Jon Smith

RIOT games I think servers are based in Asia


Joel Lee

Technically, LoL is a free and competitive game, but if you want to be competitive without spending a dime, be prepared to sink a lot lot lot of time into the game. Sure, you don’t have to purchase EVERY single champion, but for the champions you DO purchase you’ll need to fill out their runes and masteries to reach full potential.

And don’t even get me started on the LoL competitive scene. Games are boring to watch because everything is so passive. Riot’s stance on “anti-fun” mechanics has resulted in gameplay so bland and a metagame that’s been stagnant for years.

LoL is good for a casual romp in the realm of MOBAs, but for Dota 2 kills it in both Free-to-Play (no need to buy heroes at all) and Competitive Scene.


you sir, have no idea about this game at all


James Gillespie

It is a great game, just hit the MOBA formula spot on. The only bad thing is that the community is so large that it is very easy to be abused when you are starting out by experienced players



LOL has rankings. The better you play the game or win some matches in rank. Your ELO becomes higher and it is a bragging right after all.. hehe



league of legends popular because it has spectacular support that releases new content daily. also, the game content is constantly adjusted for balance that allows the maximum experience for its players. also, sites like leagueoflegendsgiveaway.com provides free ingame prizes that maximize the enjoyment of the players.


Pablo Vargas

I’ve always wanted to try out league of legends, but the gameplay videos I’ve seen don’t seem very attractive.



“There are over 100 available champions in the game”
ummm… what? i dont think the author played the game as much as he/she claims (or at all), but the idea of the game is accurate


Pedja Ivanovic

playing it since the day 1 and still cant resist it !


Chaos Emperor

Yeah you right i love it too.I cant stop playing





It was based off the first dota which then was bought by valve and made a 2nd one.
But no one plays the 1st one so it sucks.

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