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If you are a nature enthusiast and want to know which types of trees you encounter every day, you will have a tough time doing so. Thankfully however there is a new tool available that will help you easily identify plants and trees. This tool is called LeafSnap.

identify plants and trees

LeafSnap is a free to use service that catalogues high definition pictures of tree leaves, flowers, and even fruits. Visitors to the site can browse the pictures, learn their common and scientific names, and read about their habitat and bloom time.


The site also offers an iOS application that helps recognize plants through their leaves. All you have to do is install the iOS app, shoot a picture of a plant’s leaf, and let LeafSnap do the detecting.


Demo video:


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Contains interesting information on plants and leaves.
  • Provides quality images for tree leaves, flowers, and fruits.
  • Offers an iOS application to detect tree leaves.
  • Similar tools: ThePlantList, Garden Pest Detective, SproutRobot, and MyPlantId.

Check out LeafSnap @

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