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If you get too many emails and often forget to follow up on them then you should consider giving Laytr a shot. It helps you schedule emails for a later day, date or time and reminds you on the time specified about that email you were supposed to follow up on.

You can forward the email to where the keyword could be a day like “monday”, a date like ” 20 ” (20th of the month), or could be “tomorrow”, “nextweek” etc. You could also add other recipients in the subject line, enclosed by parentheses like ( and that person gets the email on the specified date and you get a receipt.

schedule emails

You also get a Laytr dashboard with a calendar showing your scheduled emails. This calendar can integrate with other popular calendar apps. The premium version of the tool gives you unbranded emails and that’s currently by invitation only.


  • Schedule follow up to incoming mails.
  • Also schedule outgoing emails.
  • Add other recipients to the subject line and remind them too.
  • Similar tools: Nudgemail, NoteForLater, PaperSpan, InstaPaper and LaterLoop.

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  1. Charlie
    October 18, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    Looks like their copying which you all wrote about before.