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Layerstyles is a quick design tool and CSS generator that everyone should check out. This tool lets you create various CSS codes on the fly by configuring elements like drop shadow, inner shadow, background, border, and border radius. This simple app also follows the interface of an Adobe Photoshop panel for familiarity.

create css codes

Using Layerstyles is pretty straightforward. Just click through each layer style and select the color, opacity, angles, size, and more. You can also select preset designs for each style. You can preview the changes as you click through the settings. Once you are satisfied, just click “CSS Code” on the bottom left of the page to bring up a panel where you can copy and paste the generated code.

Layerstyles is especially useful if you want to integrate new CSS design code while in a rush. This is also great for beginners of CSS who want to know how the syntax changes with every setting.


  • Free tool to generate css codes online.
  • Create CSS layers, boxes, and backgrounds on-the-fly.
  • Select from pre-set styles.
  • Live preview.
  • Copy and paste generated CSS code to use in your design.
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