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While legal forums might be helpful for many people, they are not very useful if you need a confidential legal question to be answered. Here to help that in that matter is a web service called LawPivot.

get legal questions answered

LawPivot is a web service that helps people get questions answered by lawyers. The site lets you submit your confidential legal question by completely describing the situation, indicate any parties involved, and add tags that help find the best lawyers for you. You can specify the states in which you want your lawyers to be in. This helps you to find lawyers familiar with your state laws and it also helps you to find a nearby lawyer you are satisfied with.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Helps get your confidential questions answered.
  • Questions are answered by lawyers.
  • You can specify the states of which these lawyers belong to.
  • Helps find lawyers that satisfy you.
  • Similar tools: RocketLawyer and Wex.

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