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While browsing the Internet, you might have seen a banner or popup that asks you to install a new antivirus program to rid you of computer infections. Mostly these intruding banners and pop-ups advertise rogue anti-malware software that would have adverse effects if installed onto your computer. A list of this malware can be found at Lavasoft Rogue Gallery.

rogue antimalware software

Lavasoft Rogue Gallery catalogues all the rogue anti-malware and optimization tools it has on record. You can browse these programs alphabetically. You can click on a program to view its details. These details include a screenshot of the program’s window, the date it was found, its description, and the changes it produces on your system.

rogue antimalware program

If you find a rogue application on your computer that is not listed, you can submit the app and its details to the website.


Ads by Google
  • A website with a simple layout.
  • Records rogue antimalware and optimization applications.
  • Lets you view these programs alphabetically.
  • Includes a screenshot and description for each rogue app.
  • Lets you submit rogues apps.

Check out Lavasoft Rogue Gallery @

  1. Kevin Rodrigues
    March 12, 2011 at 11:21 am

    Best way is to avoid all such softwares. Always go for the security software from recognized brands such as Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee, etc because they are bound to be genuine.

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