Lavasoft Launches Version 10 Of Popular Anti-Malware Software Ad-Aware [Updates]

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adaware   Lavasoft Launches Version 10 Of Popular Anti Malware Software Ad Aware [Updates]Lavasoft just released version 10 of Ad-Aware. As always, Ad-Aware promised to give users peace of mind by keeping them safe while they work and play with their computers. Ad-Aware protects computers from viruses, spyware and adware. Of course, there is a free version as well as two premium versions. The free version offers enough protection for most users. If you are interested in getting the free version, or downloading a trial of one of the premium versions, download it here.

The main feature that this update brings is faster performance. This version of Ad-Aware uses far less system resources than previous versions. Version 10 of Ad-Aware also includes a completely redesigned user interface that is easier to navigate. It also includes enhanced real-time monitoring and download protection, which stops malware before it is opened and prevents it from getting the chance to do any damage.

adaware 001   Lavasoft Launches Version 10 Of Popular Anti Malware Software Ad Aware [Updates]

Ad-Aware has also added game mode, which monitors in the background without interrupting while users play a game or watch a video full-screen. It also uses less system resources than older versions, so gaming performance will not be affected by having the protection running in the background.

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The Ad-Aware interface is super-smooth and everything seems to work better than the previous versions. It is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a new method of protecting your computer.

Source: Lavasoft

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Messed up my pc. Took me almost an hour of uninstalling, searching and cleaning to fix it. On the bright side, I learned how to use CCleaner and Autoruns a little more.

Dave LeClair

Sorry to hear that. Generally, LavaSoft programs work for me without issue. At least you fixed it!


It did the same to my computer but I have no idea where to begin to get it operational. Any suggestion?


I dowloaded it last night and now my computer tells me Microsoft windows isnt responding and to either reboot or wait… No matter what i do it isnt working and wont let me get into any files or programs to try and uninstall it… Frustrating…


Josh Navarro

i’ve tested ad-aware. it doesn’t hold up. failed my test badly. check youtube for reviews.

Dave LeClair

To each their own. I used to use it and never had a problem.

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