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One of the benefits of using an Android phone is the sheer number of tweaks and customizations you can perform, among them the ability to replace the stock apps. Using an alternative launcher app 5 Awesome Free Launchers You May Not Know About [Android] 5 Awesome Free Launchers You May Not Know About [Android] I'm an Android user because I love to tinker with my phone and change it up every once in a while. Android lets me do that easily right out of the box because it was... Read More can give your phone a completely different look and feel 5 More Free Launchers You May Not Have Heard About [Android] 5 More Free Launchers You May Not Have Heard About [Android] One of the great things about the Android community is that modifications and changes are always being made. Android technology is always changing, and thus, there are always new avenues to explore--and so many more... Read More , and that’s exactly what Launcher 8 does with its decidedly Windows twist on the Android operating system.

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Not looking too dissimilar to Windows Phone 8 (and its full-fat bigger brother, Windows 8), Launcher8 provides Microsoft-like “live tiles” which are completely customisable. From the layout of the apps displayed to the size and colour of the icons, users can configure their home screen exactly how they like.


In addition to apps, widgets can be added within tiles and you can quickly and easily switch to standard list view to see all of your apps on one screen. You can even add shortcuts to individual contacts, quick one-tap “call this contact” buttons and send messages this way too. Once you’ve got Launcher8 set up exactly how you like, you can save it as a theme. Themes can then be restored, allowing you to play around with the layout until you find something that sticks.


  • Windows Phone 8/Windows 8-style modern tile interface.
  • Completely customisable icons, shortcuts, colours and layouts.
  • Save your changes as a theme, which can be restored whenever you like.
  • Use Launcher8 to cut down on regular actions, like sending an SMS or calling a particular contact.
  • Access all of your apps as you would normally by switching to the standard list view.

Check out Launcher8 @ Google Play

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