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'extra' post Check out some of the latest makeuseof discoveries. All listed websites are FREE (or come with decent free account option). No trials or buy-to-use craplets. And don’t forget to subscribe to makeuseof directory.

(1) BuddySchool – Community for people who want to study or tutor online. BuddySchool counts almost 4000 private teachers offering paid lectures in over 120 subjects (Foreign Languages, Programming, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Painting, “¦). More: BuddySchool – Online Tutors in All Subjects.

(2) [NO LONGER WORKS] HappyMedian – Find the most fairly equidistant places for meeting with friends (up to 4 people). Enter yours and a friend’s zip code and it will provide you with the midpoint location.

(3) [NO LONGER WORKS] HugeURL – Useless but rather entertaining tool that lets you convert small and nice looking URLs to really long and ugly ones.

(4) – Community-powered website that helps you find name and related info for those “˜Unknown’ tracks in your music library, or just any track in you may want to learn about.

(5) ProQuo – Helps consumers to remove their contact details and personal information from telemarketing lists and other organizations responsible for a large amount of junk mail.

(6) Rapidshare1 – Unofficial Rapidshare search engine.

(7) SMSeverywhere – Send Free SMS messages to any mobile phone within US. More on SMSeverywhere.

(8) [NO LONGER WORKS] SoundPedia – Search, listen and bookmark your favorite tracks online. Create playlists, share playlists with friends, watch music videos, etc.

(9) [NO LONGER WORKS] Trumpia – Easy-to-use group messaging service for friends that works with email programs, instant messengers, and mobile phones. Send, Receive and Reply to messages from any device or program.

(10) WhereIveBeen – Extremely popular application that lets you share your “˜travels’ with you profile friends (Myspace, Facebook). You get a compact world map where you can highlight the countries you have been to, lived in, or want to go to. Read more: WhereIveBeen – Share Your Travels (incl. demo).

NOTE: These are just half of the applications we have added to our directory in the last 3-4 days. To keep up-to-date on all directory additions subscribe to MakeUseOf directory here (via RSS or email).

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