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It took seven years of development, but the Calibre team finally created a version worthy of the number 1.0.

Calibre has long been the tool of choice for organizing your eBook library, downloading entire newspapers or blogs Download Entire Newspapers or Blogs To Your eBook Reader With Calibre Download Entire Newspapers or Blogs To Your eBook Reader With Calibre Read More and sending eBooks to almost any eReader on the market. The latest release of the open source tool includes a new cover grid view for browsing, the ability to convert .docx files and the ability to split your collection into virtual libraries. It’s also faster than previous versions, if comments from Slashdot can be believed.

The most visually obvious feature is the cover grid, which you can turn on by hitting the button at bottom-left:


Of course, this is only useful if your eBooks include covers. Happily, this new version adds two new ways for readers to download covers: Google Image Search and

The less visual, but immediately noticeable, new feature is the improved database. If you gave up on this program before because of speed, it’s time to take another look – it’s much faster for me and probably will be for you as well.


Want to send a long Word document to your eReader? Calibre now supports .docx files, meaning it’s now easy to send a file created in a version of Word made after 2007 (previous versions only supported the legacy .doc format).

Calibre 1.0 also adds the “Polish Books” option, which you can add as a toolbar button in Preferences. This tool lets you clean up an eBook by embedding referenced fonts, making the punctuation smart and updating the cover in the book itself.


Read the complete list of new features at, or check out our Calibre manual to learn more about the software.

Source: Slashdot

  1. Navid K
    August 28, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    My main problem with calibre was the conversion for my samsung galaxy s2 screen without getting weird artifacts on the converted version. maybe I lack the know how but gonna give it a try again.

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