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LaterLoop gives you a simple button for your browser that lets you bookmark web pages for later with a single click. The button comes in handy when you stumble upon a page that you want to read but don’t have time to read it at the moment. When you bookmark web pages using the LaterLoop bookmarklet they will be saved to your LaterLoop account which can be accessed from any internet connected PC or mobile phone.



  • Quickly save links to read them later.
  • Read and manage your bookmarked links almost from any mobile or PC.
  • Optional: Sign in using your existing Google account.
  • Import links from an RSS feed (ex. import bookmakrs from tags).
  • Access LaterLoop from iPhone ( or any other mobile phone (
  • Integrates with ScrapBook Firefox extension.
  • Other: delete links, add to archive, edit stored bookmarks, star links etc.

Saving pages for later is nothing new, other similar websites that we have profiled earlier include InstaPaper or toRead. The latter one sends web pages to your email address.

Bookmarks links for mobile

Check out LaterLoop @

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