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If you’ve not yet decided to use a password manager for your myriad logins online, it’s time you took a look at one of the best options around: LastPass. Many people are cautious about using a password manager, while others are often just undecided about which services are safe enough to use. LastPass is one of the safest password managers around and it is made especially useful by being available as a plugin for a wide variety of browsers.

Today, we’ll take a detailed look at LastPass for Firefox and how this tool can give you peace of mind in regards to password safety, make your browsing simple and to actually make it easy for you use more complicated passwords. Read on if your online security is ready for an overhaul.

About LastPass For Firefox

LastPass is available free for most browsers, covering every operating system including smartphones (with LastPass Premium). Get started by installing the LastPass Firefox browser extension, creating a LastPass account and slowly adding all your login information to LastPass with daily usage. It can be used for anything you need to remember a password for, thus eliminating the need to remember it any more. Social networks, online shops, banking passwords and more can all be stored securely within LastPass. You can also store basic information, such as name and address, that often need to be entered into forms online.

Features Of LastPass For Firefox

There is no button within Firefox to use LastPass. The LastPass extension hides away until needed, only offering its services when it realises you’re on a login page or some other form that needs filling in, such as addresses or credit card information New LastPass Wallet Stores Your Passwords & Secure Information For Free [Updates] New LastPass Wallet Stores Your Passwords & Secure Information For Free [Updates] If you’re using LastPass to store passwords and other sensitive information, or if you’ve always wanted to give it a try, a new iOS app from LastPass is going to make your life just a... Read More . Then it will pop up at the top of your page and ask you if you’d like to store these details in LastPass or not.


Or, if you have previously stored details, it will offer to automatically fill in the form for you. If you have multiple logins, you’ll be able to pick from a list of stored login details with the username as an indicator of which one to choose.

If you access LastPass via the Firefox Add-ons Manager or the LastPass website, you can tweak your settings further to suit your needs. By logging into the LastPass website, you can also import or export all of your passwords to or from Firefox. In the LastPass website, you can also access your Vault and view any password information you may have forgotten.

If you also use another computer or browser, you can install LastPass for that device or browser too and your details will be synchronised across systems for you. Your local passwords in Firefox can be imported to LastPass and exported back to Firefox at any time as a backup. If you do this, it’s a good idea to ensure Firefox is protected with a strong master password so that you don’t compromise your security this way.

LastPass Premium

For $12 per year (yes, $1 per month) you can upgrade to LastPass Premium, which allows you to install LastPass on your smartphone and do all sorts of other nifty tricks. Premium users can set up multifactor authentication using a USB key and much more.

LastPass Security

LastPass encrypts and decrypts your password information locally, so it’s never being transferred in an unencrypted format. LastPass uses SSL and encypts using 256-Bit AES, so the data stored at LastPass is unusable to LastPass staff and anyone snooping on the network while data is transferred.

Because all of your login information is stored in LastPass, you’re logging in with one mouse click rather than typing, which is added protection against Wi-Fi snooping and keystroke logging.

An added benefit of having your passwords stored and recalled for you is that you can choose very strong passwords. LastPass will even offer to generate a very strong random password for you. If you’re using LastPass on all your devices, you’ll never have to remember it anyway, so you can take advantage of this extra security.

The very security-conscious users can set up their LastPass master login information using a USB device, use an on-screen keyboard to avoid keystroke logging, set up one-time master passwords for dubious networks and more.

Rather than sharing passwords with friends via email, you can share them with LastPass.

Alternatives To LastPass For Firefox

There are plenty of alternatives to LastPass out there, including creating a good Password Management Strategy Use A Password Management Strategy To Simplify Your Life Use A Password Management Strategy To Simplify Your Life Much of the advice around passwords has been near-impossible to follow: use a strong password containing numbers, letters and special characters; change it regularly; come up with a completely unique password for each account etc.... Read More , KeePass, Roboform, 1Password, Dashlane Dashlane - A Slick New Password Manager, Form Filler & Online Shopping Assistant Dashlane - A Slick New Password Manager, Form Filler & Online Shopping Assistant If you've tried a few password managers before, you've probably learned to expect some roughness around the edges. They're solid, useful applications, but their interfaces can be overly complex and inconvenient. Dashlane doesn’t just reduce... Read More , Mitto Securely Manage Your Passwords Online With Mitto Securely Manage Your Passwords Online With Mitto Read More and Clipperz. Although these have many great features too, thorough comparisons (such as this one by Dave Password Manager Battle Royale: Who Will End Up On Top? Password Manager Battle Royale: Who Will End Up On Top? Read More ) will often leave LastPass as the clear winner in terms of utility, security and price. It only falls down when considering offline usage, however a Firefox user could backup LastPass to Firefox and ensure everything is available when offline.


LastPass is easy to use, secure and will actually improve your online security by allowing you to set up stronger passwords that you don’t have to recall yourself. LastPass for Firefox is free, so there’s no reason not to give it a go right now!

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