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A new feature from LastPass will follow a database of breached accounts, and notify you immediately if your account on any website has been broken into. The new feature, called LastPass Sentry, is built on a cooperation with PwnedList, a company which aggregates leaked usernames and passwords from all over the web.

In order to notify users of breached accounts, Sentry will follow PwnedList’s list, searching for email addresses that match those stored in LastPass. If a match is found, LastPass will immediately notify the user via email that the account has been compromised, urging them to change the password for that account. If your account has been broken into, you can also use LastPass’s Security Challenge to check if you’ve used the same password for any other website.

Following recent mass breaches such as those on LinkedIn and Passwords Stolen From Last.FM, eHarmony And LinkedIn [Updates] Passwords Stolen From Last.FM, eHarmony And LinkedIn [Updates] The discovery of password security breaches at three popular sites has yet again reminded the web that using the same password for every site isn't a good idea. Passwords have been stolen from millions of... Read More , LastPass Sentry could be a really useful feature for those who constantly worry about account break-ins. Sentry will be available to all users, whether using the free version, premium version, or enterprise version. The new feature is an opt-out option, so if you really don’t want to be notified about these breaches, simply opt out of the emails.

What do you think of the new feature? Will it make you switch to LastPass?

Source: LastPass Blog


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