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Google+ is, at the time of writing, still a thing, but its future is far from assured. Unless there’s a huge wave of interest, Google+ may not be long for this world. Or perhaps I’m just being pessimistic, and actually people are still interested in Google’s social network.

There’s only one way to find out… POLL!

Gmail Kills the Competition

To answer this week’s question please scroll down the page until you see the poll staring back at you. But first, we need to look at the results from last week, when we asked, “Which of These Free Email Services Do You Use?

Out of a total of 537 votes, 63.7% chose Gmail, 17.3% chose Outlook, 9.9% chose Yahoo! Mail, 1.9% chose iCloud Mail, 1.9% chose GMX Mail, and 5.4% chose Other.

This is, rather obviously, a massive victory for Gmail Rediscover Gmail Labels and Finally Tame Your Inbox Rediscover Gmail Labels and Finally Tame Your Inbox There are plenty of tricks to deal with email overload, but there's one right under your nose that you might not be using: good old Gmail labels. Read More , which polled almost two thirds of the votes. Google’s free email offering beat Microsoft’s Outlook Become a Pro Outlook User By Avoiding Common Mistakes Become a Pro Outlook User By Avoiding Common Mistakes If you work in a typical office environment, the odds are pretty good that the mail system is an Exchange sever and that the mail client of choice is Outlook. We've covered Outlook here at... Read More into second place, with Yahoo! Mail coming in third. The rest aren’t even worth mentioning.

While it’s no surprise to see Gmail win, the size of the victory is impressive. But then Google succeeds by the sheer scale of its ambitions. Android and Chrome are both hugely popular services too, and using one means you’re already involved in the Google ecosystem. Hence, Gmail is your default option for email.



Comment Of The Week

We received a lot of great comments, including those from Tom Spinella, R Stevens, and Erik. Comment Of The Week goes to EDtheED, who earns our admiration and affection for this comment Which of These Free Email Services Do You Use? [MakeUseOf Poll] Which of These Free Email Services Do You Use? [MakeUseOf Poll] There are a number of free email services available for us all to use. But which do you personally use? And what made you choose that particular service over the competition? Read More :

Used to use Yahoo until the spam became too bad and the ui became worse.

Now I’m on Zoho and love it. No spam. Great with tabs, and can use both folders and labels. Plus, an online office suite that I don’t use.

I also have an outlook account that I got when it was new and will use as my logon for Windows 10. No plans to use it as my primary email as Zoho is working great.

I also have a gmail account only because I use Android and Chrome OS and Drive. Don’t use it for email because I hate gmail for email. The web interface absolutely sucks. No tabs. No folders. Labels are crap. You can’t label sent emails AND remove them from the sent folder. Sorry, sent label. Hate conversation view and turned it off. Hate how if you delete one email in a thread, it deletes the whole conversation. Did I say I absolutely hate labels?

Gmail is the most unintuitive piece of software ever. These PhDs at Google have no concept of intuitive ui design for the web. Android design is pretty good though.

So, yahoo is too spammy, outlook is good with a clean layout, gmail is horrible from a ui/ux perspective, Zoho has all I need despite its 1990’s design. Zoho wins for me.

We chose this comment because it offers a brilliant rundown of the reasons this particular reader rejected the most obvious contenders and instead opted for Zoho. It also confirms our suspicions that Gmail is only so popular because of Android, Chrome, and the other intertwined Google products and services.

Google Plus or Google Minus?

Google+ Google Plus: A Guide For Everyone Google Plus: A Guide For Everyone If you’re reading this guide, you have probably wondered, “Why should I sign up for Google+?” The answer is simple: Google. You may have heard of them. Read More hasn’t had the most satisfying of lives. It started well, offering an exciting, innovative alternative to Facebook. But that early interest soon waned when everybody realized it was just another social network 5 Things I Like And 5 Things I Hate About Google Plus [Opinion] 5 Things I Like And 5 Things I Hate About Google Plus [Opinion] When Google + finally came out, I actually avoided using it for up to a year. Not only was I skeptical, but I've been an initial user of a social network before, and it's absolutely... Read More .

Now, Google+ exists in a kind of limbo. It’s still there, and some people use it on a regular basis. However, most of us probably wouldn’t miss Google+ if it was killed off tomorrow, which is always a possibility with Google in charge Reader Is Dead: What Technology Could Google Kill Next & How Can You Protect Yourself? Reader Is Dead: What Technology Could Google Kill Next & How Can You Protect Yourself? First they came for Buzz and no one cared. Then they came for Notebook. Now they've come for Reader. What technology will Google take away from you next? This article explains several Google technologies that... Read More .

We simply want to know, “When Was the Last Time You Checked Google+?

Once you have voted in the poll above, please explain in the comments section below why you voted that way. If you use Google+ on a daily basis, what keeps you coming back so often? If you’re only an occasional user, what could Google do to up your interest? If Google+ really isn’t your thing, do you think Google should just kill it altogether?

The more information you can provide with your comment, the more accurate our conclusions can be based on the results. The best comment of the week will win our everlasting admiration and affection. At least until we all meet back here again this time next week with a new question.

Image Credit: Yuri Samoilov via Flickr

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