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Last week’s poll How Long Do You Spend On The Internet In A Day? How Long Do You Spend Online In A Day? [Poll] How Long Do You Spend Online In A Day? [Poll] Read More showed us how much time our readers spend online in a given day. The most chosen response was More than 6 hours weighing in at 159 votes followed very closely by 4 to 6 hours at 150 votes and then More than 12 hours and All fricking day were neck and neck at 65 and 64 votes respectively.

That sure is a lot of browsing and a lot of MakeUseOf page views! Some of you expressed in the comments that you work online and this is just a byproduct of that. What was everyone spending their time on 15 years ago? Reading newspapers and magazines?

Here are the full results:


And now on to this week’s poll! In your opinion, which is the best brand of laptop out there? I tried to include every brand but as always, some fall through the cracks. If your favourite brand was not listed, choose ‘Other’ and state the brand in the comments. I will add your suggestions.

So go ahead, battle it out and let us know who will walk away with the “Best laptop brand” trophy!

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