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Imagine you are a web developer and an important JavaScript-related conference is being held nearby. The conference goes on and ends without you even knowing about it. You find out the next day and wish you had knowledge of the event so that you could have attended it. Lanyrd is an online service that finds conferences and makes sure you do not miss .

find conferences

Lanyrd is a free web service. It links up to your Twitter account and pulls information about you and your friends. The information is only about what meetings and conferences your friends will be attending in the upcoming days. All nearby events are displayed to you. Conferences can browsed by places and topics too.

conference finder

When you reach a conference you are interested in, you can indicate your attendance using the “attendance” button or track it using the “Track” button. You can add your own conference as well; if you feel like there is an importance conference going to occur nearby you can write about it and share it through Lanyrd.

The event you share need not be a conference but should be geared towards knowledge sharing events with sessions and participants of some sort, because those are the events the site wants to share.



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