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There are various translation services online Top 4 Online Translation Services Top 4 Online Translation Services Read More which help you translate text or a web page from one language to the other. But what if you don’t know what language it is in the first place? How would you identify it ?

LangId is a web based foreign language identifier which can help you easily identify almost any language. You could either copy paste the text directly, upload a document or email them the text to get the answer. They have also got a Twitter bot named @langidbot which could help you in identifying a language.

foreign language identifier

As you can see, in the above screenshot I have copy pasted a line of text which is in a language I need to identify. I get the result immediately after I click the ‘ Identify It ‘ button.

language identifier tool

If you want need a language identifier tool on your desktop check out previously profiled  Polyglot 3000 Identify Language of Text with Polyglot 3000 Identify Language of Text with Polyglot 3000 Read More


Check out LangId @

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    April 23, 2009 at 8:36 am


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