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Looking for a tool to test typographic scale and rhythm? Such things are not in abundance on the web so I thought I would share one I know – Lamb Typograph.

Lamb Typograph is a free web service that helps you check typographic scale and rhythm. The webpage is both an essay and a testing tool. In the center pane you will find descriptive paragraphs on scale and rhythm in terms of typography. Terms like “vertical tempo” and “typographical music” are introduced and explained in these paragraphs.

To the left and right of this center pane, you will find tools which help you modify the font in these paragraphs. Changes to the font are seen in real time. The right pane has a “rhythm” box.

typographic scale

Through your modifications, if you reach a desirable font, click on “˜show’ in the Code box to obtain the font’s CSS code.


typographic rhythm


Check out Lamb Typograph @

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