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When you are researching anything, you often collect a huge number of resources and you may subsequently find it difficult to manage them. The task becomes even more difficult if you are working in a laboratory. But if your lab work involves research relevant to life sciences, you can use a helpful service called LabGuru to help you with your research.

organize lab research

LabGuru is free for personal use and is meant for people researching topics related to life sciences. When you sign up, you specify your university, designation, as well as your research areas. Next you start your research by entering its title and a description. You are then provided with clearly sorted fields in which you classify your sources and results.

For example you can store papers and images in the Knowledgebase category.


You can use LabGuru to record the milestones achieved in your research and you can add a description with each entry. Records for results, specimens, and materials can all be recorded in the online interface.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you organize research.
  • Targeted at research relevant to life sciences.
  • Offers categories to clearly sort research material.

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