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If you’re looking to make use of the web on your TV standard browsers simply don’t cut it.  Firefox and Chrome are great from up close but not all that useful from the couch. Enter Kylo a web browser for TV. Based on the Mozilla engine, the same backend that brought you Firefox, this is a browser designed to work well from the couch. This is done in a variety of ways, but the main focus is a user interface with large buttons and text. Whether you want a TV-based browser to quickly pull up videos on YouTube or just stream music from Pandora, Kylo is a great way to see the web as-is on your television. It reminds me a lot of the Wii Browser.

web browser for tv

Other features that make Kylo a TV-friendly browsing experience include an on-screen keyboard–perfect if you don’t want a big old keyboard on your coffee table–and a menu that points you towards some of the better media sources out there on the web. While this approach isn’t as remote-oriented as Boxee or the upcoming Google TV, it is a great way to have the benefits of the web on your television right now. Unfortunately for Linux users only a Windows and Mac version is available at this time.

web browser for tv

  • Browser designed for your television with an interface easy to see from the couch
  • On-screen keyboard for entering data with only a mouse
  • Menu that highlights some of the best media sites on the web

Check out Kylo @

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