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kuvva artOne of the first things I do when I start using a new computer or after reinstalling the operating system, even before installing a different video player or browser, is to set the mood by selecting a desktop wallpaper. Of course, no matter how careful your choice, chances are you’ll grow tired of it sooner or later.

Maybe that’s the reason why some people don’t even bother changing their wallpaper at all. For me, it’s what attracts me to wallpaper streamers—these small applications run unobtrusively in the background and periodically change your wallpaper.

Tina Sieber covered these kind of tools for Windows back in 2008, with her article on The Best Resources To Pimp Your Wallpaper The Best Resources to Pimp Your Wallpaper The Best Resources to Pimp Your Wallpaper Read More . Your Mac OS X desktop won’t be left out to dry either. Meet Kuvva.

Kuvva for Mac

Kuvva is a simple tool that runs from your Mac OS X menu bar and periodically changes your desktop wallpaper. You can download it, and start using it right away—the tweaks we view in this article are entirely optional. Of course, they also make Kuvva more fun. The Kuvva preferences provide you the means to change your wallpaper streams, menu placement, and update frequency.

kuvva art

The biggest downside is that you won’t be able to specify a local wallpaper source—say, a folder filled with superhero wallpapers. That’s also its biggest upside. Because new wallpapers are downloaded from Kuvva’s database (from so-called wallpaper streams), it’s completely work- and worry-free.


Wallpaper Streams

As specified above, Kuvva get’s its wallpaper juice from its own servers. However, it does allow you to select one of three different wallpaper streams. By default, Kuvva looks at the Featured Artist stream. Every week another artist is highlighted, with his or her works on display on your computer.

kuvva desktop

The second stream, Popular, shows the wallpapers that were most appreciated by other Kuvva users. This may bypass some mediocre wallpapers, but you’ll also miss out on a potentially interesting featured artist.

The wallpaper stream that gives you the most fine-grained control is Favorites.


If you sign up for the optional Kuvva account, you have the added capability of adding wallpapers that pass your desk(top) to your personal collection of favorites. You can also add wallpapers to your favorites from the Kuvva website, where you can browse previously featured artists and popular wallpapers.

kuvva art

After adding one or more wallpapers to your favorites, a third option will be added to the available wallpaper streams: Favorites. As expected, selecting the stream shuffles through the wallpapers in your favorites as opposed to the featured or popular wallpapers.

Windows Version

Kuvva is available on Mac OS X and iOS. Windows computers used to be supported too, but the application is no longer listed on the main page. Kuvva still provides a download for Windows computers on its frequently asked questions page. However, this download is provided without bug support, and is no longer updated.

Are you a fan of desktop wallpapers? What do you think of Kuvva and similar applications? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below the article!

  1. Macwitty
    December 31, 2012 at 8:06 am

    Maybe time to change for 2013. Will try it out to see if I like new images every week. I have had an old stone wall for ages

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