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Evernote is a highly popular web service that enables users to create online notes and store them online. There are no restrictions placed on the kind of notes you want to create and you are given complete freedom. But if you are going to be saving a particular type of note or journal entry, then it would be best to create a template for those particular kinds of notes.

Such a template will save your time as the fields of your notes will be organized. As a result, you will not spend any time in deciding how to order the information in your note. Here to help you create such templates for your Evernote notes is a user friendly tool called KustomNote.

templates for notes

KustomNote is a free to use web service that comes with a Google Chrome app. This web service connects with your Evernote account and offers you various templates to store notes and journal entries in your Evernote account. You can create your own template or simply browse the public library of templates. In this library you will find templates related to almost all types of notes including education, fitness, fun, business, and more.

You can add templates to your own collection and select them to quickly create notes and send them directly to your Evernote account.



Notes you have created from KustomNote can be accessed from the same interface as well as Evernote.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Offers a Chrome app as well.
  • Lets you create templates for Evernote notes.
  • Lets you share templates and browse/use templates others have created.

Check out KustomNote @

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