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episodic games Gaming is one of my favourite hobbies. It allows you to drown into the world of imagination, escaping all of your ‘earthly’ worries.

One of the things that worries me about gaming though, is the money part.

Although game developers still aren’t earning too much money, games are expensive. Or they were.

True, a lot of the games are still heavy premiums (as a matter of fact, the companies behind current-gen consoles nearly only gain money from the games they sell), but more and more parties and corporations are adapting the FREE business model.

There have been several experiments with this model in the gaming industry, where developers don’t get their money from the consumers, but from a third-party source, like ad-funded free games.

Kuma Episodic Games

Kuma Games is one of those advergames developers. Ever since 2004 they’ve been developing episodic multiplayer shooters (and other games), based on the ever so famous Steam engine. At this time, they’ve developed over a hundred free episodes.


All of these games are ad-supported, meaning you can enjoy premium quality gameplay and entertainment, without ever having to pay a dime.

The games can be divided into several higher branches or programs; Killpoint, Dinohunters, KumaWar, KumaWar WWII-Vietnam and Dogfights. Each of these games host a number of episodes with a specific theme.

The Kill Point

The game is based on The Kill Point television series by Spike TV. Every game matches one of the television episodes. After viewing it on TV, you can now really dive into the action.

These exciting single and multiplayer episodes always depict a dramatic confrontation between cops and robbers. Pick a team and try to claim the streets – or save them.

To land this one, you’ll need a big dose of tactics, co-operation and some guts.

kuma games the kill point


These episodes are based on a television series as well; Dinohunters on Total Hunting Channel.

It’s a fictitious show, about celebrities going on a dinosaur hunt. The cast consists of an actor, a country singer, a New York city guy, and their sexy female producer. The fictional part of the game is taken pretty far, as you’ll even find yourself aboard space-ships and the like.

This action-packed mix of past, present and even future, will keep you on the edge of your seats. There are currently about 8 episodes available, next to a wide variety of multiplayer maps and game modes.

kuma games dinohunters


The Kuma\War games are – contrary to the previously mentioned games – known as very truth obedient.

Kuma\War bases its episodes on real-world events, trying to recreate them as truth obedient and realistic as possible, using reports and strategical data. The game has received both a lot of praise and criticism because of this.

There are about a hundred Kuma\War episodes as of today, and even more of them if you count WWII and Vietnam, which you’ll find in a separate program.

Besides this, you’re also able to play various multi-player maps, with games like capture the egg and team deathmatch.

kuma games kuma war


This World War II flight simulator is based on History Channel’s Dogfight series.

The episodes put you in the cockpits of some of WWII’s most (in)famous airplanes. Especially fun are the multiplayer maps, where players gather to test each other.

All of these games can be accessed directly from the Kuma Games client.

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