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Suppose you are about to visit a new country for your vacations. You will want to visit as many cities and important places as possible but because of time constraints, you have to plan out a schedule that you can follow. This schedule will ensure you check out all the important sites in the time you have got. Through Kukunu you can create such plans.

plan your vacation

Kukunu is a free website of great use to tourists. After creating an account on the site, you can start planning your vacation. You enter the name of the place you are going to visit along with your departure and arrival dates. Kukunu will then display a map of the destinations alongside a calendar of your touring dates.

You can pick spots from the map and place them on the calendar to plan your schedule. Moreover you can search for landmarks, restaurants, and other sites in each city and place them on your schedule. Finally you can print out your schedule or share it with your friends over Facebook.

plan your vacation online


  • Very user friendly.
  • Lets you login through Facebook.
  • Lets you create schedules for your vacation.
  • Lets you add important sites of a city to your plan.
  • Allows sharing your schedule over Facebook.
  • Can greatly help tourists in their vacations.
  • Similar tools: Voyij and Touristiness Map.
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