KukuKlok: Online Alarm Clock Program

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Use your computer as an alarm clock. KukuKlok is a neat looking free online alarm clock where you can quickly set alarms for any particular task. No registration required, set the alarm time, choose one of the available alarm sounds and click “Set alarm”. Once the alarm is set make sure that your internet browser remains open.

kukuklok   KukuKlok: Online Alarm Clock Program


  • Online alarm clock program for the web.
  • Choose between different alarm tunes.
  • No-registration required. Simple and easy to use.

Chech out KukuKlok @ www.kukuklok.com

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Frank Bobwaithe

That site should picked a name (KuKuKlok) suspiciously similar to the KKK. Are you sure they aren’t connected to the Klan ?


Nice Application