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If you are always looking to reply an email as soon as possible so that the sender doesn’t think you are ignoring him then Kukoo would prove to be a great help to you. It helps you create email reply rules and provides you with an autoresponder email adders which lets the sender know instantly when he should be expecting a reply from you.

You can start by creating an account and claiming your email address with them. Once you verify that address, you get a new auto-responding email address which is created by adding to your existing address. You can create separate reply rules for each day of the week and hence be more productive in handling your emails.

email autoresponder
email autoresponder service


  • Free online email autoresponder service.
  • Create reply rules and let senders know when you would replying their emails.
  • Claim multiple email addresses.
  • Read emails at specific times and be more productive.
  • View extended statistics on your email usage and popular contacts.

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  1. data recovery
    May 24, 2010 at 6:34 am

    The success of the whole service depends on how accurate it is. Worried about privacy issues as well.